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Allow me to get you familiarized with "A.Ginadi" best projects. They actually differ a lot from most of Israel’s dwelling houses. Raising the bar means getting used to better living standards. Hundreds of owners who have bought apartments in the housing estates of "A.Ginadi" Company, know what the difference between good and the best is like.

Your lifestyle, values, and demands are the basis for all aspects of the project: architecture and design concepts, materials to be selected, and team of professionals to work on it. Our Company guarantees top-quality level of construction and finishing. High skills of builders, architects and engineers, strong emphasis on details, aspiration to be in keeping with clients’ demands and to contribute personally to construction of high-quality housing are the basis of a successful project.
I have no doubt that any new dwelling purchased within the frames of "A.Ginadi" Company project will become a home of your dream.

Ginadi Avdeyev
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"Being a brand is obligated"
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