About company

"A.Ginadi" was founded in 1985 by Mr. Ginadi Avdeyev, Company's owner and Director General.

Formerly, the Company was engaged in performing projects for businessmen; later on, it has switched to its own projects to be developed on the parcels the Company owns.
"A.Ginadi" is Israel's one of the oldest private construction companies.

The Company owner's close attention to both design and construction quality criteria along with the person's striving to be a best-business entity have positioned him among nation's most prominent and reputed businessmen.

The authority of Mr. Avdeyev who is all deep down at work loving and appreciating his creations, his devotion and selflessness along with Company staff's careful attitude to every owner, as well as deep appreciation coming from grateful clientele are the hallmarks that have turned "A.Ginadi" into a synonym of supreme quality and immutably high standards in the Israel real estate market.

The Company is known for its uncompromising attitude as to quality of the construction materials that remain unchanged in years; also, the Company is good at developing and introducing cutting-edge construction systems. Israel's leading architects and designers contribute enormously to the design phase of the Company projects. All of that plus high expertise of the Company personnel comes as guarantee as to quality, reliability and high standards in construction.
Company projects are being prepared and implemented with due regard for rapidly growing clients' demands, each and every nuance that comfortable and modern housing can take.
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